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Elite Force 4CRL
Elite Force has teamed up with VFC to offer the market another kick ass M4 variant with the attitude to own its opponents.
KWA G36 Licensed Version
Looking for a high end G36? This is the one for you!
King Arms VSS Vintorez
They finally arrived! Suppressed sniper for the win!
Classic Army CA90 Tactics XT
A p90 with rails that will blow your mind!!
Classic Army M15A4 PMC-2 2014 Spartan Version
Spartan Version 2014 with new upgraded gearbox, full metal body and only $359.95!
Valken V-TAC Zulu Goggles - Clear
Low profile, never have problems aiming down your iron sights
Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Mp7 Chest Rig - BLACK
Every Mp7 user's answer to a what chest rig should I get?
ACM MFT Style stock
An awesome new design to give your M4 that extra bit of tactical flavour.
Echo1 USA AR57
Dang an AR that takes p90 mags? That is all we can say!
WELL MB4409D -
Spiffle new type of sniper rifle offered through us.
Maple Leaf Monster Hop Up bucking - 60, 70 and 75 degree
Upgrade your hop up with this simple easy to install upgrade part!
A.C.M. Nylon belt mounted revolver holster - 2.5 and 4 inch
Now you can holster your revolver on your belt no problem!
A.C.M. Medium Nylon Belt Holster - BK
Great for wielding your pistol from your belt.
TRU SPEC Multicam Black Uniforms
Now available at our walk in store or online!
ACM Dummy NVG quad lens
Looks cool but doesn't do anything.!
G&P M14 DMR - DD
Awesome digital desert, oh yeah!
G&P M14 DMR - PX
Awesome digital pattern
G&P M14 DMR - FG
We think this is more of an OD, but in G&P's eyes they say FG
APS new Kompetition Series
Entry level low budget AEG!
ESKI Double Open Top M4 Mag Pouch
ESKI version double M4 mag pouch, great price, great value!
G&P Ball Rifle Short Version
An awesome new look to an M4 CQB version!
G&P Ball Rifle Long Version
An awesome new look to an M4.
ACM Gas Charger - M67 style
Essentially a mini gas can you can take onto the field.
Yeah, we've got these now :)
G&P AK Real Wood
G&P now has a real wood AK.. WHAT?!?! These feel awesome!
Tenergy 7.4V 1000mAh Li-Po Airsoft Butterfly Battery
Fits in buffer tubes and even inside rail systems! The size of 2 sticks of gum!
King Arms Full Metal FN M16A4
Awesome trades on an awesome rifle. Great platform to build a DMR from.
King Arms CASV M4 CQB Full Metal - BLACK
Amazing quality CASV AEG set up. Perfect for any M4 lover. Also available in Dark Earth!
King Arms CASV M4A1 Full Metal - BLACK
Amazing quality CASV AEG set up. Perfect for any M4 lover. Also available in Dark Earth!
Army Force Illuminating Tracer Unit
Another awesome tracer unit to make dark indoor and night time gaming epic to another level.
ACM 40L Flip up rear sight
Full metal construction.
Dboys 40MM 18rd shell
Pop pop!
King Arms G3 70rd Mag
Metal Construction, solid build magazine.
King Arms SVD 50rd Mag
Works for both KA SVD AEG and Bolt Action models.
APS Drop in Version 2 hybrid gearbox
8mm steel bushings and blowback plate included.
APS Spring Guide Version 2 with QD ability
Made for QD gearboxes.
APS Mosfet and wiring harness kit
Lipo ready and for a great deal.
APS APM40 replacement trigger box
Full metal construction. Perfect replacement straight from the factory.
UFC G36 Magazine and Stock Conversion Kit
Convert your G36 into an M4! (almost), with this kit you will be able to accept M4 magazines and M4 stocks
S&T 98K replacement shells
More shells for your 98K!
Building Fire ABS Glock Series Clip in Holster (right only) - BLACK
Quick draw Glocks are a thing of the present now!
CYMA AK47 RIS ABS Body Folding Stock
CYMA AK, yes, plastic body but still the great CYMA AK version 3 gearbox inside!
Lancer Tactical BP Metal Body AK RIS - TAN
Lancer's new higher end metal body series AK RIS. Available in Tan OR Black.
Lancer Tactical AK74-U Railed Version
Another amazing addition to the Lancer Tactical budget line.
5KU metal Lanyard for G17/18
Get a lanyard on that glock, don't lose it, don't drop it.
5KU Stainless Triple Tap Muzzle Break
Pimp. Need we say more?
A.C.M. Mp7 Sling Swivel End
Mp7 owners rejoice! A solution to sling woes.
Army Force Valve Key
Leaky mags don't stand a chance against you when you can remove their valves!
Army Force G36K flash hider
Full Metal replacement flash hider. Awesome!
CYMA M14 flash hider
Full Metal replacement flash hider.
Modify Tech MOD24 Sniper Rifle
Amazing pre-upgraded sniper rifle made by the top notch Modify company. Available in Black, Tan and OD
AR Folding Stock Adapter
Great for helping you store your ARs in shorter cases.
Valken 9.6v 1600 nunchuck battery
Greeny goodness! More Valken batteries to come. Great value!
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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade - RED

Part Number AI-IG-RD
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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade - RED
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The Airsoft Innovations Tornado family grows with the new Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade. The Tornado Impact Grenade explodes on impact! The trigger components are sensitive enough that the Impact Grenade will trigger from as little as a one inch drop onto a solid surface, but robust enough that it won't go off in your hand even if shaken vigorously.

Propane powered and completely reusable, the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade is cheap to operate, yet more effective than any Airsoft grenade on the market. The patented dual spiral technology ensures full coverage, showering an area with 200 BBs, and the tough, durable design allows for an infinite number of throws and unrivaled abuse.

The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade possesses the same safety features as the Tornado Timer Grenade: easy to disarm for safe zone handling and a built-in relief valve to alleviate increased pressure resulting from higher temperatures.

And, to ensure your Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade continues to function perfectly game after game, we have included our unique, optimal consistency and durability silicone oil for use with the grenade.

  • Propane powered! Can be configured for HFC134a too.

  • Completely re-useable. Just reload bbs and gas!

  • Blasts over 200 plastic 6mm pellets in a full 3D scatter. Not a shotgun blast or a disc distribution. A full spherical scatter!

  • Tough design survives gazillions of throws! We don't know how many blasts to failure, but we'll keep counting.

  • No loose parts to collect. Keep track of the pull pin though.

  • Now available in two colours: Tactical Black, High Visibility Red

  • Gas powered and fully reusable

  • Easily disarmed for safe zone handling

  • Includes 1 bottle of Tornado Grenade Oil

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