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Holiday Giftery Bag 2017 - FREE with $200 orders
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Holiday Giftery Bag 2017 - FREE with $200 orders
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How do you get one?

Every $200 order during our Holiday Sales period (Nov 28th to December 24th) receives one free bag OR you can purchase them for $30 each. But really… we’d rather you get them for FREE!

Do I need to use a coupon code?

NOPE! We have set it up so you will automatically get one added to your cart!

Can I split up my order to get 2 or 3 bags?

You sure can! Our website will automatically credit each $200+ order with a FREE BAG. But don’t forget that once you hit $300 you’re getting FREE shipping as well, so it is up to you to choose what would be best.

What if the gun I am buying is $600, do I get 3?

Sorry, you can’t split a single gun in 3. This would count as one order, one free bag.

What is the price of a giftery bag?

$30 retail

What does it contain?

The base gifts are a random 2 of the following items: (each item valued at $14.95 - $17.95)

Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter Kit

Metal Mesh Face Mask – BLACK

Lancer Tactical Red Laser Aiming Sight

Tan Battle Belt Rig

Rubber training knife

Tactical Crusader Protector for your Red Dots & Scopes

PLUS random extra swag including but not limited to kill rags, patches and stickers!


Mini + Mega Prizes

Feeling lucky? One of your two random items may be swapped out for one of the following bigger prizes! Odds are 1:5 bags will one a bigger prize! 

-          Mini Gun (the funny looking AA powered ones) - $25.95 value - 6 available

-          Umarex Ruger Co2 - $79.95 value - 57 available

-          Umarex Beretta Co2 - $89.95 value - 16 available

-          WE G17 Gen 3 - Black - $194.95 value - 10 available

-          Elite Force 1911 - $219.95 value- 3 available

-          Taurus Co2 M9 in Tan - $219.95 value - 1 available

-          Cyclone Grenade - $54.95 value - 10 available

-          Krytac KRISS Vector! - $759.95 value - (Redemption Card) - 1 available

How will I know if I won a bigger prize?

Only the Vector is a Redemption Card, all other items will be in the bag! Instructions will be on the redemption card as to how to claim the prize. The redemption card will be hidden in a base prize so that can be no way to know which and where the Vector is.

Are these for online or in store sales?

-          Both! Feel free to add these to any order.

-          Once you hit the $200 mark, our website will automatically gift you one for FREE!

Do I get to choose which bag I get?

Sorry but to keep this process completely random and fair our warehouse staff will oversee the randomization process, this includes in-store pick ups as well.

A main pot of 500 bags total will be created. Online orders are selected at random by the warehouse staff and packed into orders.

In store pick ups and purchases will be able to choose between 1-10 where we will keep a stocked box of numbered bags that will be refilled from the “main pot”. We generally number all the boxes in a typical mystery box but there are too many in this to be able to do this effectively. 

Reward Points 30 points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item.
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