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King Arms (Cybergun) FN P90

Part Number KA-AG-76-BK
King Arms (Cybergun) FN P90
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FN P90R Tactical Ultra Grade
200919 (KA-AG-76)
2100 g
505 mm
255 mm
Zinc Alloy; ABS
6 mm BBs
Electric Power
8.4V Mini Type Battery (not included)
Safe / Single / Full-Auto
Ver. 6 6 mm Bushing Gearbox
340-390 fps
The FN P90R Tactical is a Personal Defense Weapon which was created for close combat situations. The cocking handle, magazine carch and fire selector were designed to be ambidextrous operated. The P90R AEG is equipped with two side rails and a top rail for accessories mounting purpose. The receiver is made of high quality internal parts to ensure its shooting power and durability. Package comes with a 300 rounds magazine.

This product comes with an ORANGE TIP.


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