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Part Number 2017_The_Epic_Minigun_Box
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Count down timer until the EPIC MINIGUN box is available for sale!


Our EPIC MINIGUN BOX contains a $4599.95 minigun!!!!!

The EPIC MINIGUN Box will ship out on

JULY 24th-26th 2017

In store pick up's will start on

JULY 26th 2017

There are a total of 419 boxes available for purchase.


1 Classic Army Vulcan Full Metal MINIGUN Valued atÈ

Total Value of $4599.95

Your odds of getting prizes are listed below

Product NameRetail ValueOdds
Classic Army MiniGun... need we say more? $4,599.95 1:419
KRYTAC Full Metal TRIDENT LMG Enhanced $899.95 1:419
KRYTAC KRISS VECTOR (VOUCHER) + 0.28g BBs $799.95 2:419
AY ZB26 $699.95 3:419
KRYTAC Full Metal Warsport LVOA-C COMBAT GREY $649.95 1:419
KRYTAC Full Metal Warsport LVOA-S - FOLIAGE GREEN $649.95 1:419
KRYTAC Full Metal Warsport LVOA-S - COMBAT GREY $649.95 1:419
KRYTAC Full Metal Warsport LVOA-S BLACK $649.95 1:419
Umarex (VFC) HK416D V2 AEG $624.95 1:419
A&K M249 MK1 - ASIA Version $529.95 2:419
DeepFire SAMSON EVOLUTION (12.37 Inch Rail) M16A3 $519.95 3:419
AY M1918 Automatic Rifle BAR $499.95 3:419
DeepFire SAMSON EVOLUTION (12.37 Inch Rail) 16" (Silver) $484.95 4:419
KRYTAC Full Metal TRIDENT MK2 CRB - FDE $474.95 1:419
KRYTAC Full Metal TRIDENT MK2 CRB - FG $474.95 1:419
G&P Shotgun 020 $469.95 2:419
KWA M4 KR9 Full Metal AEG $439.95 3:419
APS ASR116 - Low Profile Adapt Rail System Rifle $419.95 2:419
Cybergun COLT MK18 MOD 1 AEG $399.95 6:419
Echo1 Platinum Edition M4C - URBAN GRAY ** Basic Series $399.95 6:419
Echo1 ZOMBAT stryker $399.95 5:419
Echo1 Platinum Edition M4 RIS - URBAN GRAY ** Basic Series $399.95 4:419
Echo1 Platinum Edition M4 - URBAN GRAY ** Basic Series $399.95 4:419
Echo1 RedStar VMG-74 $399.95 4:419
G&P Medium Entry Shotgun $399.95 3:419
Echo1 RED STAR 47 Covert $399.95 3:419
Echo1 RED STAR AKM - Real Wood $389.95 1:419
Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master in Black $369.95 1:419
Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC)2 - Long Version $359.95 1:419
Echo1 AR57 $359.95 1:419
Velocity Arms M4 7.2" TX CQB /w 200mm Silencer $359.95 12:419
Echo1 Rifle Dynamics AK700 with Folding Stock $349.95 5:419
Echo1 Enterprise Arms SOF 1 $349.95 1:419
KJW 10/22 Carbine Gas Blowback Rifle - Version 2 $349.95 8:419
Velocity Arms M4 4" TX CQB /w 200mm Silencer $349.95 24:419
Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC)1 $329.95 1:419
Echo1 IGOR - Black $319.95 4:419
APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR) - Tan $299.95 6:419
Echo1 SOG-68 $299.95 2:419
Echo1 Troy MRF-C $299.95 2:419
Echo1 SOCOM 16 $299.95 2:419
Lancer Tactical MULTI-MISSION CARBINE (COLOR: TAN & BLACK) 14.5 INCH BARREL $296.95 9:419
Lancer Tactical MULTI-MISSION CARBINE (COLOR: BLACK) 10.5 INCH BARREL $296.95 13:419
Lancer Tactical MULTI-MISSION CARBINE (COLOR: TAN) 10.5 INCH BARREL $296.95 12:419
Echo1 ST6 RIS $294.95 2:419
Echo1 ST6 RIS - TAN $294.95 2:419
Classic Army UMC $294.95 12:419
Echo1 GAT JP-103 $289.95 5:419
Echo1 Robinsons Armament XCR-C Polymer in TAN $289.95 4:419
Echo1 Robinsons Armament XCR-C Polymer in Black $289.95 1:419
Echo1 RED STAR AK74 CPM $279.95 1:419
Valken Battle Machine AEG V2.0 CDN-SD-BLK/DST $269.95 8:419
Classic Army SP047M AK74 RIS Skirmish Full Metal AEG $269.95 4:419
Valken Battle Machine AEG V2.0 CDN-TCC-DST $254.95 30:419
Lancer Tactical Polymer M4 w/ 7 inch Keymod Metal Rail - BLACK $252.95 6:419
AY SR15 Full Metal AEG $249.95 7:419
A&K MP40 Black $249.95 4:419
A&K MP40 Standard $249.95 4:419
Classic Army NF003P M4 KM10 Keymod Skirmish Nylon Fiber AEG $249.95 4:419
G&G CM16 MOD0 $244.95 10:419
Valken Battle Machine AEG CQB - BLACK $209.95 92:419
G&G CM16 RAIDER-L DST $199.95 20:419
Jing Gong G36C $199.95 30:419



Q) What is a Mystery Box?

A) A mystery box or box of mystery as we call them, are boxes that possibly contain a number of items. Depending on the contest being run. In the case of our first one hosted, we ran a pistol edition. Each box is GUARANTEED to contain items that are equal to (within a dollar) or greater than the purchase value of the box. This means that EVERYBODY is a winner! To see what you can get, just check the image above this text to see what is available and the odds of getting them.

Q) How do you randomize the mystery boxes?

A) Basically our process is this, once the boxes for the contest are decided on. The items are pulled from inventory and put aside. Our packing team then packs the the items according to the listed run at random. The boxes then get shuffled. The Mystery boxes stay in their random order and are pulled from the pile every time one is purchased. It is shipped within 24-48 business hours after estimated shipping date.

Q) How do we know what people get?

A) Youtube! Hopefully we can get you guys to make unboxing videos of your Boxes of Mystery from us! We encourage it! This will help us to make more in the future.

By purchasing a mystery box you acknowledge that you have read and AGREE to all of the following terms and conditions.

  1. - Mystery Boxes will NOT ship until payment is received in full.

  2. - Mystery Boxes are ONLINE items only (a $5 packaging charge will be added to your order)

  3. - This Mystery Box CAN NOT be ordered with any other product.

  4. - This Mystery Box is limited to one box per order.

  5. - There are NO returns/exchanges/warranties/refunds on Mystery box items. We will cover DOA (dead on arrival) items for 48hrs from when the box has been received (Canada post tracking date) only.

  6. - ALL Mystery boxes MUST be signed for by individuals 18+ years of age.

  7. - Mystery Boxes offered at are ONLY available to Canadian residents.

  8. - Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

    Please do not ask about how many are left. Once they are sold out, that is the end of this Mystery Box Edition.