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Mystery Box 2018 - The EPIC Armoury Mystery Box (CANNOT be ordered with any other items)

Part Number 2018_Armoury_Box
Mystery Box 2018 - The EPIC Armoury Mystery Box (CANNOT be ordered with any other items)
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This Item will be available for purchase starting June 22nd @ 9pm EST.

Count down timer until this box is available to purchase:

There are a total of 258 boxes available for purchase.
In-Store pick ups begin: June 27th 2018

Online Orders ship: Starting June 25th but could be later. PLEASE Do not ask why your box has not shipped ON June 25th.

Your odds of getting prizes are listed below.

Mystery Box Odds Chart


Q) What is a Mystery Box?

A) A mystery box or box of mystery as we call them, are boxes that possibly contain a number of items. Depending on the contest being run. In the case of our first one hosted, we ran a pistol edition. Each box is GUARANTEED to contain items that are equal to (within a dollar) or greater than the purchase value of the box. This means that EVERYBODY is a winner! To see what you can get, just check the image above this text to see what is available and the odds of getting them.

Q) How do you randomize the mystery boxes?

A) Basically our process is this, once the boxes for the contest are decided on. The items are pulled from inventory and put aside. Our packing team then packs the the items according to the listed run at random. The boxes then get shuffled. The Mystery boxes stay in their random order and are pulled from the pile every time one is purchased. It is shipped within 24-48 business hours after estimated shipping date.

Q) How do we know what people get?

A) Youtube! Hopefully we can get you guys to make unboxing videos of your Boxes of Mystery from us! We encourage it! This will help us to make more in the future.

By purchasing a mystery box you acknowledge that you have read and AGREE to all of the following terms and conditions.

  1. - Mystery Boxes will NOT ship until payment is received in full.

  2. - Mystery Boxes are ONLINE items only (a $5 packaging charge will be added to your order for in store pick-ups)

  3. - This Mystery Box CAN NOT be ordered with any other product.

  4. - This Mystery Box is limited to one box per address/account.

  5. - There are NO returns/exchanges/warranties/refunds on Mystery box items. We will cover DOA (dead on arrival) items for 48hrs from when the box has been received (Canada post tracking date) only.

  6. - ALL Mystery boxes MUST be signed for by individuals 18+ years of age.

  7. - Mystery Boxes offered at are ONLY available to Canadian residents.

  8. - Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Please do not ask about how many are left. Once they are sold out, that is the end of this Mystery Box.


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