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A&K Full Metal M240B Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Weapon w/ Box Magazine

Part Number MTX-M240B
A&K Full Metal M240B Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Weapon w/ Box Magazine
A&K Full Metal M240B Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Weapon w/ Box Magazine
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This model comes with an ORANGE TIP.


  • Heavy duty metal receiver, carrying handle, and mock heat shield
  • CNC Machined aluminum outer barrel w/ Quick detach barrel system, like the real thing
  • Integrated front RIS for additional tactical attachments; 20mm Picatinny optic rail
  • Steel folding bipod with integrated locking tab
  • 4000rd automatic winding box magazine, plugs directly into the gun's battery power
  • Machined CNC aluminum hopup unit
  • Heavy-duty polymer stock with metal butt plate
  • Metal M240B style gearbox with lipo ready internals
In the late 1970's the US Army adopted a new 7.62mm medium duty machine gun into their ranks: the M240. It was first used as a coaxial machine gun in tanks but slowly made its way to other mounted uses by the late 1980's, the updated model referred to as the M240C. Due to a surplus of M240C's the Army passed some on to the USMC. When the Marines got their hands on the M240C they installed an "infantry modification kit", thus spawning the M240G, the first infantry model of the M240. Having seen the success of the M240G and its effectiveness as a ground mounted 7.62mm machine gun, the US Army decided to test and eventually adopt the M240B, the slightly updated factory production variant of the M240G, into its ranks to replace their outdated M60E4's. Throughout its years of service the M240 has proven itself, in all its variations, to be an effective, reliable medium duty combat machine gun.

The Matrix replica of the M240B does a great job at capturing the hefty, tried and true durability of the real thing. It's made from heavy-duty materials giving it a great feel, and features some really nice fit and finish. The Matrix M240B stays true to layout of the real thing with its steel folding bipod, heavy duty carrying handle, a 20mm Picatinny optics rail, and the 20mm Picatinny front end. The quick-detach outer barrel system makes it extremely easy to clean and service the inner barrel when needed, and the hopup adjustment system is very easy to use. The Matrix M240B comes supplied with a 4000rd automatic winding box magazine that plugs directly into the main power, so no need for any extra, odd-sized batteries. The battery sits inside the polymer stock, which is built like a tank and very easy to remove when a battery change is necessary. Internally the Matrix M240B features a full metal, fully reinforced lipo ready gearbox, so parts are readily available here at

In summary, this is the best M240B Airsoft replica on the market if you are shopping for one!

Length: 1245mm
Weight: 8200g
Inner Barrel: ~440mm
Magazine Capacity: 4000rd box magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 400~450 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Gearbox: M240B type full metal / lipo ready gearbox
Motor: Short Type
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety
Battery: 9.6v Small Type recommended (Battery not included. Wired to the stock with a Large Tamiya connector)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Box Magazine, Manual

Manufacturer: A&K

FPS Range: 400-450

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