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Welcome to the Airsoft 101 bunker, this section is to help those beginner and newer players find answers to some of the more common questions regarding airsoft in general. Information like, how to maintain your rifle, how to maintain your batteries, where to play, what to expect at an airsoft game and many other topics. Please sit back, relax and browse over this section. We hope this will help you figure out many questions that have been on your mind.

I am new to Airsoft…which AEG is right for me?

So you are new to airsoft? Congratulations, you have just begun your journey to an adrenaline packed team building hobby that is a favorite to thousands of Canadians already.

As a new player there are a few factors that you need to look at when choosing which AEG is right for you. Here is a short list of what factors you should take into consideration: Reliability, Accessibility of parts and looks. Let’s break these down shall we?

Reliability: As a new player you do not want to have to get into repairing and or upgrading your first AEG. Simply put, you won’t have the experience or knowledge to work on it, we have encountered too many times where new players have attempted to work on their AEG without the proper knowledge and end up missing or breaking parts when working on the gearbox (internal working mechanism of an AEG). Of course it is easy enough to find this information online, however with your first rifle we cannot recommend you attempting work on your own gearbox. If you are curious, please make sure you do plenty of research first.

Accessibility of parts: Well, if it does come to having to repair or upgrade your first AEG in the future, it is best to be prepared for it right? It is inevitable that every AEG will break down over time. There are several types of gearbox designs on the market; these are determined mostly by the shape of the original rifle’s body. Here is a simple list of the most common types of AEGs and their gearboxes to follow as well as how easy it is to find parts/knowledge for them.

Version 2 gearbox - M4, M16, 416, Mp5, G3 – Most popular on the market, easiest to find parts for.

Version 3 gearbox – AK, G36, Mp5K – 90% of parts are in common with version 2 gearboxes, extremely easy to find parts for.

Version 6 gearbox – P90, Thompson – Specialized parts, difficult to find exact replacement parts. Shares very minimal amounts of parts as version 2 gearboxes.

Looks: When it all comes down to it, get what you think looks cool! Saw it in a movie? Used it in a video game and love it? Then get it! You’re never going to have fun playing with an AEG that you do not like.

Our recommendation: For the most part, stick to the 4 most common types of AEG to start, these being: M4, AK, Mp5 and G36. Most players know how to work on these types, if you ever have a problem there will be someone nearby to help you on the field. Finding accessories, replacement parts and upgrades for these types are the easiest. These models are also the most proven. Find reviews, find a brand that makes a specific type well and go for it!

Additional things you should know:

BBs – NEVER EVER use poor quality BBs purchased from a big box retailer. Stick to competitive grade brands such as: King Arms, Madbull, BBbastards, Elite Force, Velocity Arms.

Batteries and Chargers that come with AEGs – Most lower end, entry level AEGs will come with a free battery and charger, these are poor quality products. Included only so that you can get the AEG up and running for testing purposes. You should always upgrade at the minimum your charger (for safety and performance reasons). Battery upgrades would be less crucial but still recommended if you wish your AEG to perform at it’s peak.

Q: How long do I charge my battery for?

1) Charging your battery properly is VERY important.
2) To determine the charge time for your battery simply use this formula:

___Battery Capacity (mAh)__ = Charge time (hr)
Charger output (mAh/hr)

Your Charger output can be found on your charger's label.
Your Battery Capacity can be found on your battery's cover or label.

3) DO NOT overcharge your battery, overcharging will cause damage to your battery. This action will void return/warranty.
4) DO NOT leave your battery unattended when charging
5) Even if your battery has automatic shut off, it is still recommended that you do not leave your battery when charging. Periodically touch your battery to make sure it is not overheating. If your battery is too hot to touch, immediately disconnect your battery from your charger and charger from the wall.

Q: Why (What is) a smart charger?

A: Smart chargers are an airsofter's best friend. Batteries all have a life span, every time you charge and discharge your batteries, the chemicals inside become "weaker", essentially your battery cells over time lose the ability to maintain a charge. What a smart charger does is help prolong the battery's lifespan by immediately stopping the power to the battery when charging. OVERCHARGING is the leading cause to battery murder.

Q) Why shouldn't I use the free battery and charger that come with my rifle?
A: Well, it isn't that you shouldn't use these free batteries and charger, it is that you shouldn't rely on them. They are merely included with the rifle to allow you to test your guns to make sure they function properly out of the box. Trickle chargers can potentially damage batteries by overcharging as they do not shut off once the battery is charged. The batteries that are included are generally very low quality and will not last long. When purchasing your new rifle, please always look into spending a bit extra on a proper battery and charger combo, they are not that expensive and will make your airsofting experience much more enjoyable.

Lipo batteries
how to maintain them, how to charge them.

A Lithium Polymer battery (li-po for short) is a light weight and compact battery type that is an alternative power source for Automatic Electric Guns. The usual battery type that comes with low to mid end rifles is a Nickel Metal Hydride battery (NiMH for short). They by comparison are usually cheaper and more durable than Li-po batteries. For example a NiMH battery has an average charge cycle of 500-1000 times. Li-po battery charge cycles range from 300-400 cycles when the proper charge and care procedures are followed. Overcharging, Over discharging and improper storage of li-po batteries can cause failure of the battery in as little as one cycle. Any damage done to the battery with any of the above will immediately void warranty.

The voltage of a li-po battery is also different than that of an NiMH battery. Each cell in a li-po battery has 3.4 Volts whereas NiMH batteries have 1.2 Volts per cell. Because of this reason, less cells are required in li-po batteries to achieve higher Voltages in each battery pack. Here is a chart of the most common li-po battery configurations:


Number of Cells

Safe for use with Airsoft


1 (1S)



2 (2S)



3 (3S)



4 (4S)



5 (5S)



6 (6S)



8 (8S)


*11.1V li-po batteries are only safe for use with Airsoft Rifles that have been heavily upgraded for the increased voltage and current. (Updated for 2020, many guns now arrive on the market with these required upgrades. Make sure you check your user manual to confirm the rifle you own is 11.1v Lipo ready)


Safety precautions for using li-po batteries:

  • Li-po batteries consist of volatile electrolytes which can explode or cause fire

  • Li-po batteries should only be charged with chargers that are designed for charging li-po batteries

  • You must always keep an eye on the battery when charging, never leave the battery charging unattended

  • If possible, charge your li-po batteries in a metal container to provide better protection in the case that the battery explodes or catches fire

  • You should never discharge a li-po battery beyond 80% of its capacity, to do so can damage the battery and will void warranty

  • You should always charge your batteries in a well ventilated area, in the case that a short occurs the fumes are toxic and can cause permanent damage

  • If your charger allows you to choose the charge amperage, never set the amperage over 3A, quicker charging does not necessarily mean it’s safe to do so

  • Quicker charging will also depreciate the life of the battery

  • If a li-po battery “balloons” immediately safely discharge it using a charger with that capability and properly dispose of the battery

  • Never store a li-po battery or any battery in direct sunlight

Our YouTube Video Academy.
Here at Toronto we are dedicated to teaching our customs all about the amazing hobby of airsoft hoping that you join our community of players as a well informed purchaser as well as player. Please take your time and enjoy our series of helpful videos as we answer some of airsoft's many common questions.

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