Dear Airsofters,

On Feburary 16th 2021, the Trudeau Liberals brought Bill C-21 to the table, redefining the categorization of airsoft guns as prohibited devices. What does this mean for the airsoft industry? Ultimately, it's demise. If this Bill passes into law, the airsoft industry in Canada would be done as we know it. Our jobs, our industry and worst of all, our hobby will be lost. Please help us by writing to your MPs, make your voice herd. We have made available down below a pre written letter for you, courtesy of our friend's over at Black Blitz. We also encourage you to check out the CCFR and join their fight for firearms rights in Canada. Now more than ever, we need the community to come together and Save Airsoft.

Sign the OFFICIAL E-Petition  --HERE--

Resource Links:

Join the CCFR - Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights

Bill C-21 Can be found here.

Find your MP here.

Letter to MP - PDF Format

Letter to MP - Word Document