During the Covid-19 pandemic we will be offering the option of Curbside Pickup. Similar to our in-store pick up option please make sure you follow the instructions here to make sure that your pick up is quick and as seamless as possible.

To use this option simply select it as your shipping option upon check out.

We will EMAIL you once your order is ready to be picked up.

Tuesdays to Fridays - 11:30am to 6:30pm.


1) ALL curbside pick up orders MUST be picked up by the purchaser. (This is the name on the order). You MUST present us with government issue photo ID at time of pick up that matches the name and address of those on the order.

2) Order ID, we will require you to let us know your order number as well.

3) If you are picking up any sort of airsoft firearm, this includes rifles, pistols, grenades etc... then you MUST be 18+ years of age. This is a requirement by law.

Under no circumstance will we release items to anyone other than the person named on the order.

As of June 11th 2021 we now have an in-store pick up counter if you wish to simply come inside quickly to grab your items. If you wish to remain in your vehicle, please call the store and one of our staff members will be able to come out to you with your order.

Curbside from your car:

Step 1 (Parking):
Please feel free to park anywhere in our parking lot that is NOT a "reserved" space for any of our neighbours. Make sure all windows are closed and remain in your car.

Step 2 (Phone us and pop your trunk):
Once parked please call the number posted outside of the shop, let us know your name, order number and what type of car you are in. While we are getting your order please help us out by popping open your trunk or rear doors and have your ID card ready.

Step 3 (Show ID):
Once we arrive at your car we will need you to show your ID through your car window. Once your ID is verified we will place your items in the trunk and you will be good to go! Make sure that all your items are present before driving off.