Return Policy: understands that not every purchase from our walk in store or website will work for every customer, we strive to offer a reliable return policy. If you are not happy with a product purchased through our stores you have 14 days from the date of receipt to return the item. Please DO NOT return any items without prior authorization from the RMA department with proper documentation, all items MUST be accompanied by an authorized RMA form in order to be processed. Exchanges/Returns have a minimum processing time of 3 business days from the date we receive the package. Make sure the product being returned is properly packaged with either a cardboard box or kraft paper to ensure that the package is accepted by out returns staff. Failure to do so will result in refusal of the package and it will be shipped back to the customer at the customers expense. To help with the exchange/return process of your product, please keep the tracking number for your package in your records, in case we need it to verify that the package has been delivered at our warehouse and we can then locate it more efficiently. If your return/exchange has exceeded 7 business days since the delivery confirmation of your package, please notify us immediately and we will immediately have one of our staff look into your request and update you on the status.

All items MUST be returned through our RMA process, guidelines and rules stated below:

 Please note that all returned items must be in brand new, factory sealed packaging. Returned items must be 100% brand new, unused and in functional condition. For returned items we will offer 100% store credit in exchange. If the item you received was defective out of the packaging, please refer to our Warranty Policy.

Items that have been reviewed and determined to be in unsellable condition and cannot be restocked will be subject to a minimum restocking fee.

 A 25% restocking fee will be charged for items in opened (broken seal) packaging and new condition as determined by our RMA staff.

 ** Restocking fees are automatically calculated by our RMA staff and is non negotiable.

Our return policy only covers "BRAND NEW" and un-used items. If you are experiencing problems with your item (failure, damage or DOA) with an item that you have received from us, please refer to the warranty policy.

Unfortunately due to the nature of on-line shopping, all return shipping costs from the customer back to are the responsibility of the customer. For further clarification on specific product categories please see below:

Airsoft Guns:

Items must be brand new in box and in unused condition. This means that you have yet to fire a bb through the gun. Once the battery has been charged and bbs fired, the merchandise will be considered used and NOT eligible for return. If you are experiencing problems with your merchandise, please refer to and notify our RMA department for warranty claim.

Advertised muzzle velocities are all only approximations from the factory. We CAN NOT guarantee muzzle velocities aside from the minimum 366+ with 0.20g BBs in accordance to Canadian Import Laws. Please note that if your gun's muzzle velocity does not match that advertised, unless there are severe performance issued that are causing a lower than normal FPS such as a broken/damaged hop up unit, bucking or inner barrel, it will NOT be covered under warranty OR be considered valid reason for return.


 Items must be in brand new and unused condition. This means that it is still in original retail packaging and the item has never been installed on a gun. If you are experiencing problems with your merchandise, please refer to and notify our RMA department for warranty claim.


 Items must be in brand new and unused condition. This means that it is still in original retail packaging and the item has never been installed on a gun. If you are experiencing problems with your merchandise, please refer to and notify our RMA department for warranty claim.

Tactical Gear:

 Items must be in brand new and unused condition. This means that it is still in original retail packaging/tags and the item has never been skirmished. The item must have ZERO signs of wear as determined by our RMA staff. If you are experiencing problems with your merchandise, please refer to and notify our RMA department for warranty claim.

 Battery and chargers:

Items must be in brand new and unused condition. This means that it is still in original retail packaging and the item has never been installed on a gun. If you are experiencing problems with your merchandise, please refer to and notify our RMA department for warranty claim.

Supplies (including gas, bbs and other consumables):

Unfortunately due to the nature of these products there are zero returns for these items.


Warranty Policy:

Items received DOA (Dead on arrival) must be claimed within 48hrs of "delivered" status on Canadapost or UPS tracking. In this scenario, will cover all return shipping costs and replace the items for you. Please note an RMA is still required for this procedure. Mystery Boxes are ONLY covered by this DOA policy, please be sure to check that all your received items work as soon as you receive them. understands that it can be frustrating when running into issues with the products you have purchased. It is important to us that we take care of any matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. For us to be able to proceed with warranty coverage effectively, we ask our appreciated customers to please reference our Airsoft 101 section to assist in any simple troubleshooting. You may also contact customer support at [email protected] directly or use our onsite contact form for troubleshooting assistance. Many issue can be solved with a few emails however, when needed our customer support representatives will issue an RMA form for return. Please DO NOT send any returns back without prior authorization from the RMA Department and the proper documentation. All warranty claims must be returned through our RMA process.

All merchandise purchased from excluding suppliers, internals and tactical gear come with a standard 14 day warranty coverage period. IF manufacturer warranty extends past 14 days, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer immediately. would also be happy to assist you contact the manufacturer if needed. and it's RMA representatives reserve the right to determine validity of warranty. When submitting information for warranty coverage, please try to be as detailed and honest in your description of the issue(s), we try our best to help, however, cases that have used false information to obtain an RMA form will immediately be disregarded and warranty coverage void. reserves the right to determine the best solution to serviceable items by using  functionally equivalent, reconditioned/refurbished or new parts as replacements. Please note that most of our items sold are serviceable in some capacity and we will try our best if to fix any and all qualifying warranty claims. 

In the rare case that an item is determined to be un-serviceable, reserves the sole right to replace the item with a brand new replacement. If a replacement item(s) is not available a store credit will be offered in exchange. will cover all return shipping to customers that have qualified for warranty claim. However, all shipping costs for warranty from the customer to is the responsibility of the customer.

All warranty claims are valid for one exchange/repair per item.
When items are returned to our location they MUST be packaged properly, meaning a generous amount of packing materials to avoid damage during shipping as well as all rifle and pistol boxes must be covered when shipped. All packages that are returned to us with retail packaging displaying any sort of reference of airsoft or pictures of rifles will NOT be accepted. This is purely for safety and protection concerns as it is best not to allow people to know what is inside these boxes when they are being transported.

Warranty Exclusions & voids:

** ALL mystery boxes are NOT covered under any warranty. Purchase at your own risk.

Improper BBs used in airsoft guns

We STRONGLY URGE all customers to use only high end competition grade bbs in all their airsoft products purchased from The use of any BBs that fall below the quality of Velocity Arms brand bbs are deemed substandard WILL VOID ALL WARRANTY. Low quality bbs are typically unfinished, not polished (shiny, smooth) and misshapen , these bbs will damage the internals of any airsoft gun and magazine causing feeding, hopup and other issues.

BBs that will void warranty are:

- Any bbs purchased from big box retailers such as: Canadian Tire, Walmart, Bass Pro and others.
- Any and ALL 0.12g bbs
- Any bb quality that falls below our standard Velocity Arms Competitive grade BBs.

Improper use/abuse/neglect and general misuse:

Products that fail due to the result of improper use, abuse, or neglect on the customer's part will void all warranty. Damages resulting in improper storage, physical damage such as dropping, hitting, exposure to liquids or exposure to extreme weather conditions are all considered improper use and will void all warranty. The usage of batteries or power sources with voltage greater than 9.6v will result in warranty void. 


Product failure due to unauthorized modifications including but not limited to: the removal of any orange tips, any and all internal or external upgrades that result in failure of the product. If a warranty item has been opened or dissembled by anyone other than an authorized employee, the product will be void of all warranty.

Tactical Gear:

All eski products (with eski tag attached) are covered under lifetime warranty, all product coverage for eski products may be processed by The improper use and removal of eski tags from items will result in warranty coverage void.

All A.C.M. and Condoor Outdoor gear are NOT covered by OR manufacturer warranty. There are no warranties for these items.

Internal and External Upgrade parts:

Due to the nature of these parts, we may only offer warranty on obvious signs of defect, internals that have been installed and used at any time will be void of all warranty.

Battery and chargers:

There is NO warranty coverage on Lipo batteries. This is due to the very common failure of these batteries due to user error. If you have questions on how to properly maintain and charge a Lipo battery please visit our airsoft 101 section.

There is NO warranty coverage on all battery and charger sets that are included with rifles. These items are merely for testing purpose and should not be expected to preform for long periods of time. in no way will offer warranty on either of these items.

Blowout, Clearance and Graveyard items:

Any products purchase inside any of the above mentioned sections OR contain any of the terms in it's product name above are not covered by warranty.. All these items are sold in an AS-IS state and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Warranty Limitations and terms of use: reserved the right to refuse warranty at any time, warranty and return policies may be changed at any time without notice. Please make sure you read and understand these policies before purchasing from and the walk in store.

False Warranty Claims:

False warranty claims include but are not limited to:

- Shipping back a used and functioning item and requesting a return/repair
- Not providing accurate information regarding why the product broke when making the warranty    claim
- Failing to properly describe all defects with the item in the Return form

In the event of a false warranty claim, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs to have the item shipped back. If the customer wants the item to be repaired, they are responsible for all parts and service costs on the item.

Privacy Policy:

All customer information taken by is specifically only used for the intention of providing customer support and in no way will be shares, leased or sold to any 3rd party organizations. We at take security of personal information very seriously. No credit card information is process on our web portal, we use paypal online payment service as their security protocols are 2nd to none in the on-line merchant industry. 

Legality of purchase:

All airsoft guns or any kind MUST be purchased by those that are 18+ years of age or older. At time of purchase in-store or webstaff reserve the right to check customers for government issue photo ID for proof of age. Under NO circumstance will sell airsoft guns of any kind to minors. 

Use of Products

You Agree that you will not misuse any products purchased from in anyway. We can not be held liable for any misconduct caused. All products we sell are 100% legal in Canada, we do however ask you to please keep these items consealed away from the unexpecting public as these are very realistic looking from a distance. Please play only at licensed paintball and airsoft fields with all the proper safety equipment and know how. If you are unsure of where to play, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you a location that is safe and fun to play in. promotes the continuing growth of this great sport in Canada.

Price protection

Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to offer price protection on our products, prices that are agreed to by the customer at the time of sale are not eligible for change/protection based on upcoming or new sales or price reductions, regardless of the time after the sale has been completed.?

Typographical errors/omissions

Occasionally there may be information on the Website that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing and/or availability. reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Terms and Conditions may change at any time without notice. Use at your own risk.
Items not in stock (at time of order)
Items not in stock at time of order will have the product price and applicable applicable taxes refunded to the customer in the case of paypal/credit card payments. If the payment method was in the form of  an EMT, a gift certificate for the same amount will be credited to the customers account.

Incorrect shipping address on order

We strongly stress to all customers that before confirming and completing your order to make sure that your shipping address is correct. If you have submitted an order with incorrect information and would like to change it, it is generally not authorized due to confidentiality reasons. We offer rapid shipping on orders and most orders are shipped within 12-24 hours of receiving payment and we may not be able to get to your address change request before the order ships. If the order ships to the wrong address provided, the customer is responsible for the order to be re-shipped to the correct address if it is rejected by the receiver OR if the parcel is accepted, you will have to retrieve the package from the address. Canada post will not open a trace on a package if it was delivered to the correct address listed on the label. If you are not able to retrieve the package, you are not entitled to a refund since the item was shipped to the address you confirmed on your order. So we STRONGLY suggest double checking your shipping address before placing the order.

Storage of items left for repair/warranty repair. 

Items are able to be stored at our location for up to 6 months from the time the repair is finished OR you have been contacted for pick up if a repair was not able to be completed. Customers MUST pick up their pending items within 6 months otherwise the item will be disposed of as we see fit. Please ensure that a valid working email address AND phone number are left with us when dropping your items. We will make every attempt to contact the customer at the 6 month mark but it is still ultimately the customer's responsibility to pick up. Shipping can be arranged as well for a small fee, please contact us for details.